5 Ideas: Wall Decoration for Christmas

5 Ideas: Wall Decoration for Christmas

When you enter a place, the first thing that attracts attention is the wall. Therefore, wall decoration is the easiest and cheapest way to add character and style to a space. Moreover, there are hundreds of different wall decoration alternatives suitable for every place, taste, and budget. In this article, we shared Christmas wall decoration ideas and cool metal wall decoration examples that you can get inspired for your spaces. Good reading.

  1. Hang a Large-Scale wall Décor

Hanging a large piece of art is the easiest way to create an assertive wall decoration for Christmas. This can be a wall decoration or a painting. The work you hang will involuntarily attract attention due to its gigantic dimensions and will create a focal point in the space.


The geometric wooden wall art above adds colour and character to the wall it is on. In accordance with your space and decoration style; you can choose a landscape, an abstract work, or an iconic wall decor.

If you have a minimalist decoration, you can create a stylish and charismatic atmosphere by hanging a minimal style wall art décor like this.


It is not necessary to spend a fortune to get modern farmhouse Christmas decor. You can get an assertive wall accessory by hanging a beautiful wall décor on the wall.

  1. Add Dimension with Sculptural Objects and Metal Accessories

One of the most ambitious methods among indoor Christmas decorations ideas is to hang 3D or extraordinary objects on your wall. If you are tired of classic paintings and boards, you can find dozens of different wall decoration examples that you can hang on your wall here.

Here, on the other hand, coral-like black and white metal particles are hung in a way that repeats each other, trying to balance the sharp lines of the furniture. You can also design a sculptural wall accessory by combining different materials.

The other tip is to hang a large world map metal wall décor on your wall.


If you want, you can also hang a specific section of the world map that shows a region, country or city that you live in or that is special to you.


In fact, you can make your map even more personal by marking the places you have been or plan to go on the map with a pin.

Maps are a great wall decoration option to reflect your passion for travel into your space. For example, you can customize the places you have visited on a map by marking them separately. You can use maps in a variety of ways to suit your decorating style.

  1. Shape with Partial Wall Boards

The biggest advantage of using split tables is that it allows a suitable placement in odd proportions of wall spaces. For example, 3 pieces of metal leaves wall decor were used to proportionately decorate the wall space above the table. The chosen colours and patterns add dimension to the wall behind it.


These(below) four large-scale  wall décor are a continuation of each other; It adds energy to the decoration by bringing the fun concept of Christmas indoors.


  1. Add Freeform Wall Decorations

You can freely design your walls with wall decorations consisting of small pieces with flexible use. The entire wall has been transformed into a work of art with these tiny birds shaped in woman form on the concrete wall surface below.


In the decoration of walls that do not have a clear shape as above, curvilinear objects should be preferred instead of solid form frames.

In the modern living room here, naturally shaped tree of life metal wall art is used as wall décor to add warmth to the environment and soften the surrounding geometric forms.

The variety and density of wall décor you choose is entirely up to your personal taste and decoration style. If you like assertiveness, you can also create an eclectic metal wall décor  like the one below.


And you can use this décor for your garden wall to complete your Christmas decorations outdoor.

You can create extremely charismatic spaces by hanging your favourite antique pieces on your wall that are compatible with your decoration style. For example, like this one below. This metal Christmas wall decoration will add elegance to your wall.


Pro tip: The closer you hang the décor plates to the ceiling, the higher the ceiling and the wider your room will appear.

  1. Display Your Collection with Decorative Shelves

Don't have the time or effort to create a gallery wall of your favourite works? Then display your favourite pictures on frame racks. In this way, your walls will be less damaged, and you can change the pictures and frames whenever you want.

I guess we don't need to say anymore that it is not necessary to use two-dimensional pictures and photographs for wall decoration to understand Christmas décor trends. In fact, you can hang anything you want on your wall.

For example, you can display a collection or your favourite objects on the wall shelves like this wooden wine rack below and catch the elegant Christmas décor.


You can display the covers of your books, magazines and records on thin shelves, or your wines as a work of art. Thus, you have both aesthetic and functional walls.