Nueve Large Wooden Metal Wall Clock

Nueve Large Wooden Metal Wall Clock

A perfect modern wall clock for those who are looking for a gift for their 9th anniversary, believe in lucky 9 or do not have a special interest in the number 9 but still want to decorate their wall with a unique design!


The word nueve means 9 in Spanish. Nueve Wall Clock is featured by the number 9, which is made attractive on a wooden layer. Harmony of black matte steel and wooden makes possible to be elegant with all kinds of furniture and any wall colour.

The Moxvio Wall Clock collection may be used as a glamorous decor in homes and workplaces. Nueve Wooden Metal Wall Clock is a simple stylish piece of this collection.


Moxvio prioritizes high quality and satisfaction in all products. Nueve Wall Clock would be a classy accessory with its high-quality and textured 2mm-thick mild steel in black matte colour and wood material. The metal is painted against rust and the walnut wood material is made of 3 mm MDF.

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Furthermore, this metal wall clock can be eye-catching with its 3D shadow effect design when viewed from various angles and at different times. It stands 2 cm away from the wall through the screws on the back of it. Thus, shadows are formed, and it takes centre stage.

It can be easily hung thanks to the hidden hangers on the back. No assembly is required, and you can complete your decoration by driving a nail. It can be used all corners of home such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, study room, even in restaurants and office environments.


The Nueve is not only a modern wall clock for living room, but also it is moisture resistant and does not contain any smell or harmful substances. It works silently and smoothly with its high-quality quartz movement and protects your hearing health against annoying clicking sounds.

This modern wall clock is a perfect gift idea for a 9th anniversary, to celebrate something 9th or for anyone who believes in luck of 9. Even if the number 9 is not significant for you, it would adorn your home or office and arouses all interest.

Order one of three different diameters of wooden and metal wall clocks at your pleasure. The first option is 70 cm (27.5") diameter oversize. Large, 50 cm (19.6") and medium, 35cm (13.7"), sizes are also other options. If you like this item, click to add to cart.