Top Outdoor Living Space Trends

Top Outdoor Living Space Trends

 First of all I know, it’s just January but please let us talk about the Top Outdoor Living Space Trends already. While we are still going through a long and dark winter and summer is still relatively far, we all know that we miss those positive vibes and sunlight. So, in today’s blog, we wanted to talk about some of the outdoor living trends for the slowly but surely approaching summer.

For the last couple of years, we now are spending lots of time outdoors and in our patios when we can. The trend of improving our exterior living spaces is more important than ever. So, if you are ready to talk about these trends, let’s go!


Pastel Colours & Natural Materials

 Probably it’s a widely known fact that natural materials in gardens have been a big hit. Especially for environmental reasons, people are mostly going for natural materials like wood, rattan, bamboo etc. If you are one of these people surrounding their garden with these materials, adding a finishing touch with the pastel colours of Ecology Collection will be a gooood match 😍 This combination will make your space feel warmer.



Warm Colours

 Like the last year, also in 2022, we will see warmer colours again not only indoors but also at outdoor spaces. Because they are pretty much inviting and relaxing. For instance, colours like beige can create a sleek design and a cosy feeling.



Bold Statement Patterns

 Outdoor spaces sometimes need some bold statements as well to create a focal point. It creates authenticity, interest and breaks up with the monotony of furniture and décor. And honestly, I will have to say having a patterned outdoor rug is the easiest and probably most affordable way to create that focal point in your space. This is a fundamental trick to make your place shine effortlessly. Patterns help establish energy in all spaces giving movement and dimension. Some of the trending patterns are Morrocan, geometric and border shapes. The key here is to combine these patterns carefully though. If you have a plain or natural material garden furniture as mentioned above, you can add some colour and spice with these patterns.



Black Accents

 Alright, the last but definitely not the least trend we would like to talk about is Black. In recent years, especially matte black has caught the eyes of interior designer lovers. In order to keep up with the rhythm and style of our interiors, it’s no surprise that this trend has now taken over the exterior spaces. Matte black looks spectacular combined with organic shapes. Also, if you have concrete, stone and wood areas in your garden, these black accents will be your saviour. Other than that, with your greeneries and green objects around, you will be easily able to create a strong contrast with the black shades 😎

 Alright then, that’s the end of our “Top Outdoor Living Space Trends” blog! Hopefully, you’ve found it helpful and useful. 😇

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