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Featured Collection of Wall decorations and Wall Clocks

Bring style to your walls with our selection of wall art décor with a collection of contemporary wall art, traditional framed prints and decorative pieces in neutral shades. Curate and complete your room for a show-stopping interior, and choose from a selection of modern hanging panels, carved wooden wall art and striking abstract canvases to suit your house’s unique look.

Clocks are not simply practical items designed to prevent you from running late. Here at Moxvio, we understand that a clock may can a stylish focal point, effortlessly bringing an entire room to life. With this in mind, we offer a range in a variety of sizes and styles, from ornate mantel clock to the unique oversized pocket watch clock.

Whilst our wall clocks will make a lovely addition to any room, our mirror clocks are the perfect centrepiece to stand amidst your favourite ornaments. When enjoying a well-deserved tea break, our kitchen clocks will bring character to your kitchen whilst making sure you can keep an eye on the time. For an infusion of elegance and sophistication, our black wall clock presents a highly popular choice, whilst our red clock will provide an instant hit of colour. Similarly, a mirror clock will look amazing on your wall or atop a shelf, keeping you punctual whilst reflecting light around your home and creating a beautiful illusion of space.

Whether you are looking for large easy-to-read numbers or vintage Roman numerals, our extensive range is sure to contain the perfect clock for you and your home.

Wall clocks add detail and interest to a room and can tie a particular theme or colour scheme together. Wall clocks add an extra touch of thoughtfulness and personality and are another opportunity for the home or flat owner to show off their individual style. Because so many of us have clocks in our electronics, wall clocks have a touch of vintage charm to them that hearkens back to the golden age; they are thus particularly welcome and stylish in vintage, retro, and/or traditionally decorated rooms.

Whatever your style, we'll have wall clock designs to suit you and your home.