Handmade Wall Decoration Ideas

Handmade Wall Decoration Ideas


Handmade wall decoration ideas are the easiest way to change the decoration of your home in a short time. Even changing the color of your wall will cause the ambiance in your home to change. After defining the wall color, you can use a few wall shelves or wall plates.

However, overfilling your wall can cause complexity in decoration. Therefore, it will be sufficient to create a focal point with a copper wall plate or a wooden wall plate. You can also use a large metal clock for this. We have some suggestions for wall decoration that you can use.


Wall Plate Ideas

You can find many alternative wall plate ideas. However, the important thing here is whether those ideas fit the decoration of your home. Let's examine these ideas together and choose the most suitable wall plate for the decoration of your home.

Decorative Copper Wall Hanging Plates


On the copper wall plates, which we usually see as Islamic wall art products, religious carvings can be found along with the symbols of Allah and Muhammad. A carved vintage copper plate becomes a unique work of art when adorned with traditional handmade ornaments. Especially if you want symbols of your religion in your home, then these copper wall plates are for you. By seeing these signs on your wall every day, it will be easier for you to practise the rituals of your religion.

Mirror frames decorated with copper sheets can also be important elements for decoration. Mirrors are often preferred in small rooms as they will make the house look wider and brighter. A few copper-framed mirrors on the focal wall of your living room will also help to add an industrial feel to the space.

Wooden Handmade Wall Decorations Ideas


Choosing ones in wooden handmade wall decorations ideas will make your decoration unique. Especially the wooden wall decorations and wooden frames with enamel and mother-of-pearl inlay have an antique look. Since these pieces are more expensive than mass-produced ones, low-income people may not prefer these products. In addition, they can use their own handmade wall decoration products on their walls.


A wooden wine rack, a wooden wall clock or a picture frame with a handmade wooden wall plate can be just a few of these handmade wall decoration ideas. You can adapt one of our handmade wall decoration products to your own decoration or choose a product from thousands of online shopping sites. Good luck with it!