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Wooden Wall Clocks

The decoration is a very important issue for the place where we live. At the point of creativity, it's not just our preferences, but sometimes we want to get professional support in this regard. The accessories used in the house should be suitable for the overall decoration of the house. One of the accessories we prefer at home is the clocks. They are used not only as a time-saving material but also as one of the important parts that make up the decoration of the house.

The use of wooden clocks is especially common in homes where wood tones are predominant. A wooden clock that caters to many tastes looks much more simple and stylish than electronic clocks. A wooden wall clock can be made from many varieties of trees. Quality and durability may vary depending on the material from which it is made. Symmetrical or asymmetric models can be preferred. It will be ideal to choose the shape according to the decoration of the room. The choice of the colour along with the shape is also quite important. Wooden clocks can be made according to the colour by looking at the weighted accents of the room.

Wooden wall clocks can be bought ready-made, as well as specially designed for a person. For a larger house, a large clock will be suitable, and for smaller houses, it will be better to make a minimal choice. Approximately 2 cm in size is determined as a thickness. After that, the wood is varnished, which is cleaned with sandpaper. 

Materials are placed by installation with a drill in the middle. Wooden clocks add saturation to the house. It is also a very suitable piece for those who make their decoration wooden clocks. It is often preferred both for modern decorations and because it is suitable for classically decorated places.

Wooden Wall Clocks for Livingroom

One of the most suitable places for wooden clocks is the living rooms. It will be quite ideal to buy a wooden clock here since the living room is where we spend most of our time. When choosing, it is very important to pay attention to many points such as furniture colour, and floor colour in order to decide whether the colour of the wooden clock will be matte or varnished. 

A very stylish living room can be created by giving proper preference to the general decoration. Especially if there are many shades of wood in the living room, a wooden clock will suit the room much better. In terms of use, the wooden clock is also an easy-to-clean product. When choosing a wooden clock, you can prefer it matte or glossy. It is also important where the clock will be hung in the living room.

Wooden Wall Clocks with Pendulum

Wooden clocks with pendulums create a wonderful image in the house where they are used. It creates a nostalgic look in the room where it is located. Different models and patterns can be taken with the pendulum hanging from the bottom of the clocks which are made of wooden. A large clock or a small clock can be chosen according to the decoration of the house. The size can be selected depending on where it is used in the house.

Wooden clocks with pendulums should be very well fixed to the wall. Since it is in motion, it should not fall off. For families with children, it will be better to hang the clock on the top of the wall. It should be hung out of reach of children. Wooden clocks with pendulums, which are also preferred in children's rooms, can also be designed in ways that children will like.

Wooden Wall Clocks for Sale

It is the most sold model in round wooden clock models. Classically, it can be varnished in a round shape or matte. The numbers used per hour can be placed completely, as well as certain numbers can be placed.

Customized designs can be made for interior decoration. It can be used in the living room, kitchen, living room, or children's rooms. Furniture should be selected in harmony with the armchairs. If very asymmetrical items were preferred in the interior when creating the decoration, the round wooden clock model may not be suitable. 

That’s why it should be used in more simply decorated rooms. Asymmetric wooden clocks should also be preferred in accordance with the interior decoration. When looking for wooden clocks for sale, which tree it is made of should be noted. It is usually made of olive trees or walnut trees.

Wooden Wall Clocks UK

Wooden clocks with many different options, patterns, and colours give a stylish image to the room in which they are located. One of them is wooden clocks with the flag of Great Britain. Designed according to the material of the tree used, these watches are used in the office and at home. For having it to remain stable on the wall, its installation needs to be done well. It can be designed with a map of the UK as well. 

The map pattern is made by processing it on wood. Looking at the clock in your home, or office, you see the flag of Great Britain or its map. Functionally, it is also quite convenient. Large size or small size can also be preferred. Matte or glossy can be chosen as per the decoration of the place where it is located.

Large Wooden Clocks

the dimensions of large wooden clocks are such that they cover half of the wall, and in some cases even the entire one. Large wooden clocks will look very nice if they are in harmony with the interior decor of the house. On some walls, the figures of the clock are set to cover the entire wall. It will look much more beautiful if the colour of the wall is close to the colour of the wood. 

A large wooden clock can be installed in the living room, bedroom, or living room. Its ideal diameter is 100 cm. Attention should be paid to its compatibility with furniture and other interior accessories. It is selected matte or glossy and adjusted to fit the wall. In order not to fall, its installation must be carried out professionally. Installation should be carried out taking the weight of the wood into account.

Small Wooden Clocks

Small wooden watches are often used in offices and companies. It is an ideal watch size for harmonizing with furniture and interior decoration in an office environment. It can be designed symmetrically or asymmetrically, in accordance with the colour of the office furniture. Being durable and long-lasting will also be useful. It can be designed individually. Round classic wooden clocks can be preferred in more simply decorated offices. Small wooden wall clocks are also quite stylish for houses in the kitchen, bedroom, and living room. It is also easy to clean because it is small. It will look much nicer in minimally decorated houses.

Handcrafted Wooden Wall Clocks

Woodworking is a difficult profession. It is carried out by carving the log and giving it a shape. Olive, walnut, and oak trees are usually used to make handmade wooden clocks. Because it is handcrafted, it can be produced using many different techniques. The natural structure of the tree is produced without any deterioration, which makes the watch more durable and sturdy. 

These watches, which can be used for a long time, also become an important part of the decoration of the house. Since it is made by handwork, it will stand out in the room where it is located. It can be designed in the desired size and shape. It can be used in the desired area of the house, but its dimensions vary. It should be designed in accordance with the interior decoration of the room.

Modern Wooden Wall Clocks

Modern wooden clocks are clocks whose decoration is designed more asymmetrically, unlike classic clocks. Many designs can also be made asymmetrically. It is produced using shades of colours according to one's preferences. Modern wooden clocks are preferred in offices. Modern wooden clocks can also be preferred if the furniture and other accessories in the houses are not classic. 

Some houses and offices are designed to be more modern, so appropriate accessories are used. Modern wooden clocks are also one of these accessories. It can also be preferred to cover the wall completely, while smaller minimal clocks can also be preferred. It will add a very stylish look to homes and offices. For those who follow the trends, modern wooden clocks with their quite different options are suitable accessories.

Farmhouse Wooden Wall Clocks

The farmhouses have a natural habitat. It is an area where everyone can relax by escaping from the noise of the city. Farmhouse decoration is usually based on wood. Wooden wall clocks will look very stylish here since many areas of the house are wooden. 

It will be nice if one wall of the hall is designed in the form of a complete clock, or, more classically, a round wooden clock is installed. It can be made either symmetrical or asymmetric. The colour tone is decided by the individual. Preference can be given to matte or glossy shades. Wooden wall clocks give farmhouses a beautiful appearance in terms of decoration.