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Double Under Door Draught Excluder, 70 to 90 cm Adjustable Door Draft Stopper
  • £13.49
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One-Sided Door Draught Excluder for Interior Exterior & Front Doors, Adhesive Door Bottom Seal
  • £19.99
  • £7.49

Decorative Home Accessories

Small accessories and subtle home decoration can help to personalize your living environment without breaking the bank. At Moxvio we have a fantastic array of living room accessories designed to transform your house into a home. To give your interior a noticeable style boost, check out our range of home accessories, chock full of colour and style.

Our lovingly curated range of quirky home accessories complements all home décor styles, from bohemian to contemporary.

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

Whether playful or elegant, accessories transform a house into a home that reflects your personal style. Enjoy exploring our collection of unique home accessories.

Whether you love nature and want to incorporate that into your décor with beautiful flowers in our stunning vases, or you enjoy looking at treasured memories displayed in beautiful picture frames, or maybe you want to express your creative side with some amazing wall art? Our fantastic range of home furnishings and accessories is here to help you find pieces that complement your chosen colour schemes and complete your interior décor to make your living space feel like home.

The right home decor and accessories can help transform your house into a home. Our home decor collection includes products designed for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and hallways. Let us inspire you to update your home with something new!

Our collection of home accessories span vintage, shabby chic, luxury, rustic, industrial, retro and modern inspired designs. Our items are made from a range of materials including metals, wood and very occasionally plastic. But what if you are unsure which style is which? Let us help!


Vintage style decor is best defined by the ornate, intricate and elegant design of vintage style items. Vintage style accessories are often part of a pale colour pallet and have an opulent feel to them.


For luxury style, home accessories metal tones are often implemented. Think plenty of Gold, Silver, or Copper look decor.  Luxury items can include elements of vintage or modern interior styles. Items can be sleek and sophisticated or lavish and elegant. The great thing about luxury decor is mixing of these two styles can work well, as they are each aiming for the same interior vibe, just in a different way.


Rustic style is defined by the use of natural elements such as wood or stone and a neutral or earthy tones colour palette. Items tend to be made out of wood with metal accents or frames. Rustic decor is an umbrella term and rustic pieces can be included in an array of decor themes. Shabby chic, industrial, country and Scandinavian style homes all include rustic design features.


Industrial home accessories are defined by their stripped back, raw look. Industrial decor works best with a dark or earth tones colour palette. Items often have a vintage or retro flair and often come with a distressed finish.


Retro style decor has the sophisticated, futuristic design associated with mid-century modern designed items. Think simple, uncomplicated decor with circular designs or art deco inspired detailing.

Our most popular home decor pieces are by far our gorgeous range of clocks and wall art as well as our extensive shelving collection. We have everything you need to help make your home unique and reflect your personal tastes. Browse of full selection and find the perfect home accessories for your interior style.


Enhance your interior with our collection of decorative home accessories. With finishing touches for every space, you can adorn your surfaces and embellish your walls in your own unique style. Shop our handpicked selection of photo frames and wall art.

Make Your Own Feature Wall

An empty wall can look a little bland, so make the most of this space and use it to inject an extra shot of style and soul into the room you're decorating. Check out our blank wall ideas and you'll see that there are so many effective options to really make a wall stand out and contribute to the overall look you're trying to create. Want to make a statement? Opt for a bold piece of wall art. We've got a stunning range of pieces including a wide choice of metal wall art for a contemporary vibe in your living space - and if you want warm tones, consider on-trend copper.

Perhaps you have a favourite painting or some precious family photos that you'd like to display? Wall-mountable picture frames are another lovely, personal option when it comes to creating a feature wall. And if you're having trouble deciding which photos are going to make the cut, take a look at our modern, multi-aperture photo frame options so you can create a collage of your favourite photos.

Alternatively, you might go for one of our large-faced, decorative wall clocks for a striking feature that has its practical uses too! A metallic silver design will look sleek and stylish positioned in the centre of your chosen feature wall as the perfect focal point to draw the eye in.  Choose an ornate frame for an opulent aesthetic - or keep it simple with a more minimalist design.


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