Hand Mirror Models

Hand Mirror Models


Most women carry a hand mirror in their purse. The hand mirror that women carry in their bags is an indispensable accessory. These mirrors are usually compact mirrors in terms of both durability and cleanliness. Small hand mirrors leave behind runny mascara, messy hair and smeared lipstick.

Small hand mirrors, which are given as a souvenir to guests who come for events such as weddings and engagements, are the symbol of elegance for a woman. Sometimes, hand mirrors decorated with extremely expensive jewels can be the right alternative when choosing a very special gift for very special women. You can take your skin care and beauty secrets under your control with handmade pocket mirror models decorated with unique patterns and special ornaments.

Hand Mirror Prices


Hand mirror prices vary according to the model and the material they are made of. A mass-produced hand mirror can be sold at very cheap prices. However, handmade and jeweled mirrors, silver mirrors, vintage mirrors and compact hand mirrors can be sold for very high prices. The luxury hand mirror decorated with diamonds is may be  as precious and special as the queens' make-up mirror. In this context, a compact hand mirror decorated with pearls will give the wearer the feeling of being an extremely special and privileged woman as well.


Hand mirror models can be seen in different patterns and shapes according to the age range of the users, as well as differing according to the purpose of use. While more modern patterns and shapes are at the forefront for young people, middle-aged women may prefer plain or vintage hand mirror models. Here, the model selection and style of the mirror completely changes according to the needs and taste of the person.


Handmade fabric covered mirrors, luxury hand mirrors that can be opened and closed with one hand, or mirrors that can be placed on a double-sided table; There are also hand mirror models that have two different features and can stand on the table. If you ask which mirror to use as a make-up mirror, we recommend that you choose the models that can stand on the table without support . Thus, you can do your make-up while going to a special place thanks to the small hand mirror you carry in your bag.