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Shopping for Wall Clocks for sale online? Moxvio.co.uk has a hundred options to make sure that you find Wall Clocks that are right for your space. With great prices and other options for Wall Clocks, it's easy to narrow down your search so that you can buy one of our Wall Clocks online today and have it delivered to your home.

Clocks are not simply a practical item designed to prevent you from running late. Here at Moxvio, we understand that a clock may provide a stylish focal point, effortlessly bringing an entire room to life. With this in mind, we offer a range in a variety of sizes and styles, from ornate mantel clocks to the unique oversized wall clock.

When enjoying a well-deserved tea break, our kitchen clocks will bring character to your kitchen whilst making sure you can keep an eye on the time. For an infusion of elegance and sophistication, our black wall clock presents a highly popular choice, whilst our black clock will provide an instant hit of colour.

Whether you are looking for large easy-to-read numbers or vintage Roman numerals, our extensive range is sure to contain the perfect clock for you and your home.

Whether you’re a timekeeping expert or the one who is known for always being late, not a day goes by where you’re not trying to keep an eye on the time. Our collection of wall clocks will provide you with the perfect way to watch the clock whilst giving your interior space that much-needed pop of style.

Taking inspiration from contemporary fashions as well as classical and vintage styles, each piece within this collection has been crafted using traditional methods and the very best of metal and wood materials. This range also features dramatically large designs that are an effortless statement addition to any setting. These timepieces can be mounted onto your desired wall using the concealed fixing found at the back unless otherwise stated. Please see each individual product description for further details.

One of the loveliest wall decorations one can possibly display in a room is a clock. Looking even more elegant than most paintings and other decorations, wall clocks can be a wonderful demonstration of style. If carefully chosen and placed just on the right wall, clocks are capable of completely turning around the look and vibe of a room, bringing it closer to your initial design idea. Our collection of wall clocks has plenty of design options for you to choose from, from modern to contemporary, minimalistic, rustic, industrial, retro or downright vintage. If you’d like to add a different touch to the room you’re decorating and bring it a pub vibe, then go bold a choose a vintage or aviator-style clock even if the rest of the space is quite minimalistic or contemporary in style. If your room is rather full of decorative details already, then simply choose a clock in the same style as the rest, to keep it unitary.

Choosing a good clock from the multiple options on the market can sometimes feel complicated. There are plenty of models that look too flashy, and even beyond the questionable aesthetics, you can’t be sure that they are reliable and work right for a long time. Indeed, wall clocks need to be not only tastefully designed but also highly functional, since you will be relying on them for the time for quite a while once you get them mounted up. That is why our range of wall clocks strives to bring you only the best of the best.

Modern Wall Clocks

We have handmade large wall clocks which provide you with the best unique wall art for your homes. With numerous custom contemporary art and large metal wall art designs available. You can have a look for other gift advice at our blog for the special days such as Mother's DayValentine's Day, Christmas Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving DayInternational Women's Day (IWD) .

The market around wall clocks is such that you can pay any price, find any size, and purchase any design finish, easily and – more often than not – with multiple choices available. Wall clocks have seen a massive surge in popularity in recent years, thanks not only to their practical use as a quick way of seeing the time but also for their statement as a design feature.


Many of our retailers offer all manner of wall clocks on their search results pages, from intricate clocks with multiple hands, to modern finishes with no numbers and a plain clock face, to whimsical and novel designs and characters for children’s rooms. So which wall clock is best for your home?

Selecting the right size of wall clock

Many of our members opt for the largest clock possible, and if you have the space then this is a great option to go for, allowing you to cover up a fairly plain wall with something that creates a real design feature. A large wall clock has the power to pull together an overall room design or theme easily, whether it be traditional or modern, though if you opt for a clock that is too large it can overpower a room and look out of place.

One way to ensure you select the right size is to measure how high you want the base of the clock to sit, and then work out the ideal diameter from that point – rather than starting at the top. Often, if you start at the top end of where your clock will sit, it can be easy to extend your measurements lower down, forgetting how low the clock will then sit when placed on its hook.

Selecting the right design of wall clock

Many of our retailers are now offering and advertising options that match all different styles of finish, including everything from the intricate finish of Roman Numeral numbers and multiple clock hands, to those which are so clean and modern that they don’t even show any numbers at all.

For those members who are looking for a focal element for a large and well-lit room, we recommend looking at the slightly more intricately detailed wall clocks as a way of drawing focus and adding some dynamics to your room. In comparison, a darker room may call for a lighter design of clock with less detail, with natural materials often providing a good base for a dark room.

Finding the best wall clock

When it comes to price, you will find that you don’t need to pay a lot of money to get a wall clock which looks great. Due to its position on the wall, your wall clock will sit undisturbed for most of the year, and so is not subject to the same level of potential damage and wear and tear as other accessories and items in the home. Provided it is hung with a stable enough support base, your wall clock should last a long time no matter how much you pay for it.

The clock has a sturdy construction made of metal, which makes it highly durable. Equipped with quartz movements, the clock is accurate at keeping time. Thanks to the shiny golden dial face as well as the clear numerals, the clock can be read clearly even over long distances. It can be easily hung onto the wall.

Home décor is pivotal for completing the interior look you crave. Wall clocks are a great way to update your home and give your living space a quick makeover.

We stock a vast selection of wall clocks from the very small to the extra-large and in an array of styles, colours and materials.

We boast a beautiful selection of vintage, shabby chic, rustic, industrial and retro style wall clocks that will help you add the finishing touch to your interior theme.

From elegant and traditional styles to something a bit more unique, our wall clocks are sure to give a fresh and functional look to your interiors.

Although many of us now rely on mobile phones and smartwatches to help us keep time, wall clocks in the UK are as popular as ever due to their valuable use as an interior décor item. Wall clocks are fashionable and practical, making a bold statement in both residential and commercial interiors. Wall clocks are also an ideal way to reflect your personality, hobbies, and sense of style in your home.

Our exclusive range of mounted round wall clocks are an ideal way to add visual interest and provide a distinctive focal point in your room. Be it a hotel reception area, open-plan kitchen, or even a conservatory, our large decorative wall clocks have an undeniable appeal and look terrific.

How to choose the right wall clock UK?

Large Metal Wall Clock - 60 cm Diameter - QUARTZ Mechanism - Roman Numerals - Iron - Rose GoldWhen choosing a wall clock (or clocks!), consider the room style and room function. We have great choices from timeless glamour to modern minimalist chic.  If it’s impacting you want we love our large metal wall clock with roman numerals, its size and teal colour will immediately accentuate an otherwise dull and uninteresting wall and is also perfect if you are looking for a nautical-themed statement piece.

In contrast, our sleek and subtle rose gold wall clock is the ideal choice to bring some classic elegance to a space such as a beauty salon, conference centre or hotel lobby. This clock has accurate timekeeping with no noise and would be the perfect choice for offices with multiple locations and different time

Be your best organised and punctual self with our beautiful selection of clocks. If you're looking for decorative wall and mantle clocks, we have a wide range to suit your style and needs. Clocks do more than just tell you the time. They can also serve as a decorative feature in your home to create a focal point to enhance your surrounding décor and home furnishings.

Give an empty wall a pop of character with a stylish wall clock. Wall clocks make a great addition to any room. Whether you need to keep track of the time whilst getting ready in your bedroom, cooking in the kitchen or catching your favourite shows on time in the living room make sure you have one of our handy wall clocks in every room to help you keep track of time.

If you're after sophistication, then an analogue clock from our range is the one for you. From large easy to read numbers to vintage Roman numerals for a splash of elegance; whilst no numerals at all make for a marvellously modern twist on an otherwise traditional design. Our mantel clock selection will look great placed amongst your ornaments and family photographs. Whilst our carefully crafted wooden pendulum clock collection will add an undeniable touch of rustic charm to your country home, study or reading corner.