Ways to Choose Wall Clocks

Ways to Choose Wall Clocks

We don't like wall clocks just because they show the time. We are also very impressed by the different atmosphere they add to living spaces. We watch as the consecutive hour and minute hands take our decor and take it to other times.

Once you look at it, your soulless wall looks very different with just a clock. The wall clock that you choose with a distinguished taste can the leading role of your decor.

And now we will tell you how to choose your awesome wall clock. We'll talk about a lot of features, from what style to what size it should be.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wall Clock

Before choosing the wall clock, it should be clear where the wall clock will be hung. Because the wall clock may need to be changed depending on where to be placed. Depending on its intended position, the size of the wall clock may need to change. Colour also may need to be changed to match the furniture. As an example you should choose this modern metal wall clock to complete your style in the living room.


Depending on the place to be hung, the wall clock can be very ornate or very plain. In order to prevent these all, a clear decision must be made beforehand. It should be determined where the wall clock will be placed. Having this choice made, a wall clock can be selected considering its compatibility with the furniture.

Before choosing your wall clock, you should look at:


  • The style of your room
  • The room where the wall clock will be used
  • The size of the wall on which the clock will be hung
  • Your colour scheme

Style of Your Room

The style of your room tells you a lot about what kind of wall clock you should choose.

For example, wall clocks with wooden details would be better choices for a rustic style room.

For your modern style spaces, metals always work best, like this.


The room where the wall clock will be used

Depending on the room where you will use your wall clock, the colour and shape of your wall clock also change.

For example, if you are going to buy a wall clock for your children's room or kitchen, you should turn to clocks that are not too large. They should be different from livingroom wall clock size.

Also, since these areas can be suitable for vibrant colour tones, you can choose colourful wall clocks suitable for your environment. 

Even if you are looking for a wall clock for your flamboyant living room, wall clocks supported by metallic colours create more stylish looks.

The size of the wall on which the clock will be hung

The size of the wall on which you will hang the wall clock tells you what size of a wall clock you should buy.

If you are choosing a clock for a narrow wall, you should look for a smaller wall clock, rather than a large wall clock. 

Or, if the wall where you will use the wall clock is large in terms of area, what you need to do is to expand the size of the clock accordingly. This example  is a good match for your wall area with the clock size.


Your Colour Match

Even if we don't say this, you already know, but it's still good to be reminded!

Wherever you use your watch, you need to consider the colour harmony of that area.

We talked about what you should pay attention to when choosing wall clocks. Now, let's give you a lot of examples so that it will be easier for you to decide.